• Traditional Corned Beef 2

    Corned Beef & Cabbage

    Corned beef is a dish mired in confusion.  Most people assume it’s Irish and/or has something to do with corn.  Neither could be farther from the truth. Corned=salted or, in a more general sense, cured.  An Olde English word for grain, “corn” was applicable to any cereal grain and o...

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  • PBJ

    I Scream…You Scream…

    Many months ago I wrote a business plan for an ice cream shop to be eventually filed under my “Keep It Simple Stupid” file cabinet. The idea was a shop that would feature incredibly simple flavor combinations in ice cream sundae form.  These combinations were classic (ants on a log, peanu...

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  • Sommelier Pin

    The Reach of a Sommelier

    Trinch! The term for the sound glasses make when clinked together to toast to a special occasion.  An onomatopoeia representative of what seems like a lot of useless information one learns on their path to becoming a true sommelier. In the summer of 2011 I traveled to St. Louis to subject myself to t...

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  • Coffee & Doughnut Stout

    Coffee & Doughnut Stout

    A beer for our wonderful men and women of law enforcement, this stout is brewed with coffee beans and real doughnuts. The coffee compliments the roasted aromas of the barley malt. The doughnuts provide a lasting finish that leaves you wanting a whole box of those crispiest and creamiest of glazed dou...

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  • Humitas 2

    Humitas: Chilean Tamales

    The ability of food and beverage to transport the diner is truly amazing. A great dish will incorporate and excite all five senses, but insert some context, history, or emotion and a seemingly prosaic dish can become transcendent. These are a specific regional style of tamale from South America (part...

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  • Stone Soup

    Stone Soup or Caldo de Piedra

    Stone Soup from Mike Boehmer on Vimeo. We’ve all heard the story of “Stone Soup.” The European folktale tells of a band of strangers who come into town carrying nothing but a pot. After kindly asking the townsfolk for any spare food they might have, they’re greeted with nothin...

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  • Doughnut Ice Cream 2

    Donut Ice Cream with Coffee Shortbread and Rainbow Sprinkles

    Donuts are amazingly versatile and there are no rules with this sweet American favorite.  This is another transformational recipe: Donut ice cream.  Ice cream is infused with donuts and then frozen into a donut shape.  You can’t have donut ice cream without a thick layer of crunchy rainbow suga...

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  • Imperial IPA 2

    Queen Bee Witbier

    Introducing the first of a series of mouthwatering homebrews created by myself and my brewing partner Trevor. This is a Belgian witbier with a twist. Belgian wit contains a mash of about half barley and half wheat. Wheat gives the beer its characteristic lemony tang, bolstered by the addition of bitt...

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  • Venison 8

    Take a Walk on the Wild Side

    This dish is a forest feast: Venison, blueberries, wild rice, chestnuts, huckleberries, and matsutake mushrooms. At first glance this might seem like a strange combination of flavors but a good culinary proverb is “what grows together goes together.” These are all ingredients you can find...

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  • matsutake

    Matsutake Mushrooms

    Matsutake Mushrooms Often called “Japanese truffles,” matsutake mushrooms are the ultimate prize for many of the world’s mushroom hunters. Matsutake are also known as pine mushrooms (“matsu” means pine and “take” means mushroom in Japanese), because they ofte...

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