Food Photography & Food Styling

    Food is a difficult subject.  It’s finicky, awkward, and often provides only a short window of time.  Excellent food photography blends expert technique with quick timing and a natural eye for composition.  All food photography on Garrett’s Table is the product of a variety of Nikon cameras.  The aesthetic is modern, using minimal props and almost always a solid white or black background.  In some cases, processing techniques like HDR (High Dynamic Range) have been used.   Garrett’s Table food photography credits belong to two talented individuals:

    Michael Boehmer

    Michael Boehmer is a Chicago-based photographer.  You can view more of Michael’s photos here and Email Michael here.

    Justin Kern

    Justin Kern is a Bay Area-based photographer. He is the owner of The Golden Sieve, a photography website focusing on images, instructions, and writing. Justin used a Nikon D700 for all of his photographs on Garrett’s Table. You can Email Justin here.

    Food Styling

    Garrett Kern performed food styling for every photograph on Garrett’s Table. The approach is honest, not using any shortcuts or stand-in, fake components. Everything is cooked and constructed exactly as the dish in intended to be consumed. This makes the photographer’s job more difficult, considering that many foods, like ice cream and seared meats, have a very short window of photogenic appearance. Contact Garrett here.



    All photograph descriptions on Garrett’s Table indicate proper photo credits.  Use of these photographs without permission or licensing directly from the credited photographer is strictly prohibited.